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The Egyptian clover: a key ally of organic farmers

Crop rotation in organic farming is a vital practice that maintains soil nutrients, suppresses weeds, and controls pests. To sustain soil health, crops such as legumes, which improves soil fertility, are rotated with cereals, which exploit the soil. Egyptian clover, a leguminous crop, is widely used to fix nitrogen into the soil and nourish it.

2019 Harvest

Harvest 2019

After months of uninterrupted and meticulous work we finally reached the endpoint of our efforts in October 2019: the olive harvest. Harvesting olives requires a careful planning as each single step should aim at ensuring the best possible quality of the olive oil in compliance with the regulations for organic cultures. During the previous months, the biggest challenge was the fight against the olive fruit fly which had threatened to cause huge losses.

Il farro


About ten to six thousand years ago many human cultures settled down going from hunting to settled farmers. The introduction of the first cereals emmer and einkorn marked this transition. “Ötzi”, the man from the ice, has been shown to feed on einkorn. Later on in human history, more high-yielding grains as spelt and barley and finally wheat replaced the fine einkorn. However, einkorn remains until today a very digestible and tasty cereal.


Harvest 2018

The harvest has been characterized by high quality olives and by a low and uneven distribution of the fruits on the canopy. We started hand-picking the olives from the trees early October and the work has been completed about two and a half weeks later.

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